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Providing quality and craftsmanship for over 30 years.
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Our Terms and Conditions


General Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions cover anything not covered by our Winter Drain Down terms and conditions.

By booking one of our services, you are entering an agreement with us to carry out the requested services.

General Safety

1)  All reasonable care will be taken when entering the customers holiday home/premises and as such, we will respect the customers property and belongings accordingly.

2)  Customers are respectfully requested to ensure the premises do not present known dangers to our employees whilst carrying out their duties.

3)  Any known hazards must be made known to our employees before entering the customers premises.

4)  A & G Caravans Ltd will not expose anyone to any hazard, danger or create any harmful environment.

5)  Whilst carrying out our services, we may find that there is potential hazards to health and safety.  We will make every effort to communicate this situation with you and discuss what remedies are available.  However if we cannot contact you, we will make safe and remove the hazard relating to the various regulations in use at the time.

Invoicing and Payments

1)  Payments will not be requested/taken until the agreed services have been completed.  The only exception to this would be when a prior quotation has been given and accepted and a deposit would be requested.  In general terms, this will be for services which are of much higher value than our daily routine services and quite often require A & G Caravans Ltd to purchase items to complete the said quotation.

2)  Payment terms for services is clearly noted on the invoice along with the various methods of payment.  Particular attention should be made to payment terms.

3)  Late payment penalties may be incured on any outstanding invoices not paid by their due date.

General Items

1)  All parts or/and equipment supplied to customers will remain the property of A & G Caravans Ltd until payment is made for any outstanding invoice/s.

2)  A & G Caravans Ltd may take legal action to recover any parts or/and equipment which have not been paid for from which an invoice has been issued.

3)  It is the customers responsibility to cancel any services which they have requested/booked which they no longer require.  This is of particular importance when customers have pre booked. N.B. Failure to cancel these services may incur a cost and customers may receive an invoice for these costs.

Winter Drain Down Terms and Conditions

Drains downs and reconnections are carried out Monday to Friday Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to be on your park on a specific day. Please ensure keys are available in the park reception or left at our office. If you prefer, you can telephone or e-mail us with your reconnection date, all that we ask is that you give us a MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS NOTICE so that we can plan this into our schedule.
When draining down your caravan:

  • We DO: leave electricity and gas supply as you left it - if it's on, we leave it on.
  • We DO: put antifreeze in washbasins, sinks, showers and toilet pan & cistern.
  • We DO: remove drain bungs and leave them in your caravan.
  • We DO: guarantee your caravan for bursts (not leaks) due to frost damage between drain down and recommissioning. Once reconnected it is your responsibility.
  • We DO NOT: disconnect gas appliances.
  • We DO NOT: drain the central heating system, only the domestic water side of your Combi boiler, as the system should already be protected with antifreeze.
  • We DO NOT: drain washing machines or dishwashers, but will remove as much water as possible from pipework.

When recommissioning your caravan:

  • We DO: turn the water off again at the stop tap outside, this is to minimize the risk of damage in case frost occurs between us reconnecting and your arrival at your caravan.
  • We DO: ensure your water supply will be connected by the Friday of your chosen week.
  • We DO NOT: turn on or reconnect gas appliances.
  • We DO NOT: guarantee your caravan for leaks and leaking washers. Any leak repairs are chargable. Please remember, a leaking washer is different to a burst.
  • We DO NOT: guarantee your caravan from frost damage once reconnection has taken place.

Our fitters continually strive to leave your caravan as they find it, after all, your caravan is your home and we respect that. However, due to wet and muddy conditions, it is impossible for our fitters to stay clean. They will always remove their boots on entering your caravan but cannot remove dirty outerwear, therefore we suggest you take precautions by laying dustsheets down where our fitters need to go as well as a doormat in the doorway where they can remove their boots.
May we take this opportunity to thank you for your custom, wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to being of service to you in the coming season.


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